Can Mom Breast Feeding Drink Wine?

Can Mom Breast Feeding Drink Wine?

A breastfeeding baby gets all the nutrients from the mother, and therefore the mother should be very cautious about what she eats or drinks as far as the health of the baby is concerned. Some of the foods eaten or drinks taken should be measured because the baby’s liver is not mature enough to digest them.

Even though the baby gets the consumed food or drink in small portions, some of these products might affect the baby in one way or another. Among such products are wines, hard liquor, and beer. They might be transferred to the baby in small portions through the breast milk, but the baby’s liver is too young to handle them. Research proves that babies of about three months of age process the alcohol at half the rate of the mother hence overloading the tiny lover.

What’s considered safe?

As much as many breastfeeding mothers know that alcohol is harmful to the baby, wine is not exceptional too because the baby’s body is fragile and does not have the required enzymes to break the alcohol. There is no safe alcohol or wine especially in the first six months of breastfeeding however small the amount. However, a woman might drink a glass of wine immediately after breastfeeding because the concentration of alcohol is felt in the mother’s milk around after half or one hour after ingestion then it starts to decline.

Then, the milk takes about three hours to stop affecting the mother’s breast milk. Therefore it might take four to five hours before the next breastfeeding session. There is another opinion that red wine adds the levels of hemoglobin in the blood to the baby but Doctors advice on eating a healthier diet instead of wine. The wine does more harm to the baby than the diet.

How much wine is safe while Breastfeeding?

It’s one of the many questions that breastfeeding
mothers ask the Doctor or their peers, but the answer should be ‘No’. However, on a special occasion, a small amount of wine is not bad, but the mother must observe the drinking rules. The amount of wine taken should not exceed 2 oz.However, a glass might do if the child is beyond six months of age, but no wine is allowed in the first three months of breastfeeding. Another critical issue is the quality of the wine taken. The best choice would be white wine because it contains a lower degree of alcohol. The mother should buy expensive natural wine because as usual, cheaper brands include dangerous ingredients. The wine must be taken immediately after breastfeeding, and then no breastfeeding should take place for three hours or so.


The best advice is to pump the milk before drinking the wine for feeding the child until the alcohol leaves the bloodstream completely. The least amount of time before the next breastfeeding session is five hours depending on the amount of wine taken. Besides, the mother should never drink on an empty stomach to avoid the risk of high alcohol absorption to the blood. A substantial meal before drinking is better and eating snacks when drinking is also a good idea. More water intake is advisable after drinking to neutralize the alcohol in the wine.

Risks of drinking alcohol

There are several risks associated with the drinking of alcohol by breastfeeding mothers both on the quality of the milk and the baby’s health. The alcohol affects the taste of the milk because it gets very fast to the milk hence altering its composition. The baby might refuse the milk completely that might eventually change the baby’s healthy.

The other issue is the effects of toxins in the alcohol that might not be eliminated by the baby’s tiny body. The toxins might affect the baby’s nervous system resulting in lack of sleep. Additional, the ethyl in the alcohol leads to the damaging of the digestive system of the child by destroying the protective layer. Other effects include palpitations, weakness and low blood pressure in the baby’s body. On the side of the mother, the alcohol leads to a slowdown in reactions that risks the safety of the child and in some instances the mother might drop the child due to the influence of alcohol.

Other alternatives for wine

Instead of drinking beer, wine, and alcohol that might affect the baby’s health, the breathing mother might consider other options of wine. These include Iced Tea, Ginger Ale, Club soda blended with flavoured Syrup or fruit juice and flavoured water. Others include non-alcoholic wine and non-alcoholic beer although the beers contain a slight amount of alcohol about less than 0.5% of its volume.

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Although there are some ways a breastfeeding mother can take a little amount of wine as discussed before,breastfeeding and wine should never go together. The risks of the baby of a wine drinking mother surpass the benefits if any. It does more harm for a mother to drink beer, wine or alcohol during the breastfeeding period than waiting until the period is over for her to return to her drinking habit.

If a mother must drink, it’s good to observe the alcohol rules as discussed before, and if the rules sound tough, she should not drink at all. Remember the safety of whatever the food and drink that reaches the child lies on the hands of the mother. Therefore, it’s good for a mother to decide what comes first between the wine and the baby’s health. Considering that the baby’s body is fragile as far as resistance is concerned, a safe dose for an adult can be fatal to a baby and results are disastrous. As the saying goes that do not drink and drive, it should also apply that don’t drink alcohol or wine and breastfeed.

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