2019 Ultimate Postpartum Shapewear Guide

2019 Ultimate Postpartum Shapewear Guide

Many mothers experience different changes in their bodies after childbirth. One group shows signs of expanded tummies and others end up with pouches, bulges, and flabs. Another group complains of unwanted stretch marks. Surprisingly, some mothers complain about lack of sleep and time to shower. 

The changes in the body make every mother look for the best way to recover her body shape. Either many mothers borrow some of these methods from their friends or their mothers based on previous success stories. 


One of the methods applied by these mothers is using a wrap, a wide elastic band worn around the abdomen. Another technique that mothers utilize to recover their body shapes after childbirth is the use of corsets. These and many other recovery methods are generally called postpartum wears and assist the mothers to recuperate without spending a lot of time in the gyms or undergoing dieting programs.

What is a Postpartum Shapewear?

Any product used by mothers to get their tummies back to shape best describes the term postpartum shapewear. These products are worn around the waist, and they come in different shapes and materials depending on the needs and affordability of every mother.

How Can a Postpartum Shapewear Help?

After childbirth, many abdominal organs and muscles do not perform normally, and the postpartum shapewear helps to align the abdomen helping these organs to return to normalcy. Additionally, due to the expansion of the uterus during pregnancy, the product offers light compression that helps in pressing the uterus back to normal. The product also reduces the pressure of incision to the mothers that deliver through caesarian section. 

Doctors recommend these products because they stabilize the pelvic floor, help in the mobility of mothers and as well reduce pain. The doctors recommend the binders to the mothers because they help in the compression of ab muscles separated during childbirth. The ability of this product to compress the waistline and boost perspiration leads to an accelerated weight loss.

How Should You Wear Postpartum Shapewear?

The decision on whether to use a shapewear product or not comes from the mother. Although it’s clinically okay to use the shapewear immediately after childbirth, it’s advisable to consult the doctor and know the right time to start depending on the mother’s medical status. 

The mother may decide on how often to wear the wrap although there are recommendations from the manufactures. It depends on how the mother feels as far as her body health is concerned. Many manufacturers recommend that the product is applicable for a period of one to two months. 


However, it’s good to mention that even though you are looking for fast results, it’s not advisable to wrap yourself too tightly because it obstructs smooth breathing and movement. Never use an uncomfortable shapewear product and if you come across one, stop using immediately!

Who Should Not Wear Postpartum Wrap?

Even though a postpartum wrap helps in speedy recovery after childbirth, not every mother can use the product. The mothers that undergo the caesarian section and the ones that experience delivery complications like amnionitis and preeclampsia should not use these products. As previously mentioned earlier, it’s clinically advisable to consult the doctor before using the postpartum wrap.

Types of A Postpartum Wraps

There are different types of postpartum wraps depending on color, materials, design. Additionally, they vary according to how each one is worn.


compression binder. It’s a medical product recommended for use after surgery. The binder is worn on the abdomen after surgery and offers a light to medium compression because it’s adjustable. The product is not limited to post-surgery mothers but its also applicable for general postpartum purposes.



These waist corset are worn either inside or along with other clothing. They are shaping primary garments, and they come in different levels of compression, style, sizes, and shapes. The disadvantage of using corsets is that some are painful and others like the ones used by prominent personalities offer heavy compression that might result in complications.

Waist Cincher

Another name of these products is waist trainer and are wide compared to other binders.They have a zipper or hook and eye closures. A waist cincher is worn to cover the top of the hips slightly under the bust covering the mid-section. The disadvantage of this binder is that the latex, metal boning, or plastic material used in making it might not be friendly to many. Additionally, the product has extra stiff compression that drastically reduces the size of the waist. However, the extra stiffness might not be very comfortable with some

Belly wrap


These binders cover the area between the ribs and the hips offering slight compression because they are wide and adjustable due to the availability of Velcro, elastic band. Some of these products include:

i. Belly -Bandit-Upsie

-Belly. The product is designed to support the back after recovery and has a 12-inch belt for better adjustments.

ii. Belly -Bandit

B.F.F. Belly Wrap. The adjustable fit and snug in the binder support the core muscles and back hence reducing pain.

iii. Shrinkx by Up-Spring

Hips Ultra. The product supports loose ligaments and pelvic joints because it’s worn along the hips.

iv. Ti-Rain 3-in-1

Postpartum Support. The three-layer belts are comfortable thus reduce pain. The advantage of this product is bulkiness.

v. Mama-Strut from

Pelv-Ice Postpartum Care System made
With Ice and Heat Therapy. The product is best for healing therapy and supports the back and belly because its girdle sits well on the waist.

vi. Bellefit -Corset.

Ideal after a C-section because of hook and eye closures and reduces tension through the front and back panels.

vii. Belly Bandit

Mother Tucker Corset. It’s ideal for shaping through its back and side boning and six hook and eye closures that provide more customizing options.

To sum it up, if you want to regain your body in a different way than dieting and exercise, the best option is using postpartum shapewear. The trick is to find out the one that goes with your medical condition, comfort and settle with the product that will offer the best results. To get the best for you, ask your doctor, friends or visit various websites that offer reviews of
the products.

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