How To Sleep Better While Pregnant?

How To Sleep Better While Pregnant?

It is not invariably such a big problem during the early months of pregnancy when it comes in getting a comfortable sleep in the bed. Problems start to arise usually from the second trimester of pregnancy as this is the time how to sleep turns to be a big issue. This is the time when ligaments and muscles will start to prepare for the alterations that are needed for birth. A woman’s abdomen will at this time become more unwieldy as the fetus will be growing and developing.

It is a recommendation to the pregnant women to learn on the proper sleeping habits as early as possible. Most preferably, sleeping on their sides is the right way to practice. From studies that have been carried out, there is an absorption of more nutrients due to increased blood supply into the placenta when a pregnant woman makes this sleeping method a habit. This, in turn, results getting better nourishment of the baby than if the woman would have continued to sleep other sleeping positions.

What are Pregnancy Pillows?

These are pillows that have been designed to allow pregnant women to get enough rest while in bed. They are normally important to the end of your pregnancy period when you would have developed a big belly. You will be carrying an extra weight putting more strain at the back and to those experiencing this at the first time can feel it even more.

Enough sleep during pregnancy is healthy and this can be made easier with the use of a pregnancy pillow. They are meant to relieve pains in the legs and at he the back. In some cases, other pregnant women might be subjected to severe edema and this can be eased a bit by placing a pillow between the knees.

As we have seen, sleeping on your left side is the right position during this time as it will allow oxygen and blood flow to reach the baby with more ease. Pregnancy pillows will turn this to be an easy thing for the pregnant woman. They are designed to provide the required rest for these people.

What Kind of Pregnancy Pillow in Marketing?

People in the past days before the invention of the pregnancy pillows tried to find means to make use of the common bed pillows for the same function. There is a wide variety of pregnancy pillows you will find in the market these days to support your lower back and stomach too. They are also helpful in straightening the hips and thereby in turn pregnancy stress will be relieved. Here are the types of pregnancy pillows you will find in the market

The Body Pillow

The full body pillow normally has a Velcro that attaches two pillows. The body pillow will provide the lower back and the stomach simultaneous support while a pregnant woman sleeps in between the pillows on her left side.


The Wedge Pillow

The wedge pillow reliefs the woman from pressure and supports the lower back. It is normally wedged under the belly.

The Full-length Pillow

It is designed to provide the legs, belly, and back required support. It is usually of 5 feet size.

The Bean Pillow

It has been designed in the shape of the kidney bean. It is wrapped from between a pregnant woman’s knees to under the stomach

Sleeping Positions You Should  be Avoided While  Pregnant

There are many sleeping positions that have been proved by experts not good for the baby or for the pregnant mothers also. They need to be totally avoided even if you had used sleeping in them. Here are sleeping positions that pregnant women should totally avoid:

Sleeping On Your Back

This sleeping position can lead to many problems to a pregnant woman. Some of the problems that can arise are like for instance severe back-aches, digestive problems, decreased the supply of blood to your heart and also the baby and many parts of the body, you will encounter breathing difficulties, and also low blood pressure problems among others. The problems arise since with this sleeping position the abdomen will be resting on the intestines and some other major blood vessels like the aorta and the vena cava.

Sleeping On Your Stomach

This is actually the worst of all. Sleeping with the stomach normally creates problems with the baby. In fact, this sleeping position is even not allowed totally in the later months of pregnancy.

How To Sleep Comfortably During Pregnancy

Sleeping on your side is regarded as the best sleeping position during pregnancy. More even better is considering sleeping on your left side. While asleep, you need to keep your knees and legs bent and also put a pillow between the legs.

For those who will find to have back pain problems, consider this sleeping position and place your pregnancy pillow under the abdomen also.


In some cases, heartburns can be experienced during night hours. All you will require is propping the upper body with pillows

Shortness of breath can be experienced in later months of pregnancy. Prop up yourself with pillows or try lying on your side.

There will reach a time when you will no longer get comfortable when you try lying down. What should you do? Considering sitting in a supported position can be a great alternative for you.

How To Get Out Of Your Bed When Your Pregnant?

In the second trimester is when the belly will start to bulge. This is the time you will undergo various challenges. Getting out of bed will turn to be more difficult than before. With a clear guide from your care provider, all this can be done in a comfortable and easy manner possible. You need to start on your side, then slowly slide the legs down the floor and push yourself into a sitting position using your arms. You would have made it the right way. Ease your way to the end of your bed and then stand up.

When you are pregnant you need to know that your center of gravity has now changed. So it is good to take time to get yourself up. Sudden moves need to be totally avoided as they can make you lose balance or even at times aggravate back pain.

Pregnancy pillows normally come with accessories such as the beautiful removable slipcovers and blankets. These make cleaning them simple and easy. It’s priceless having a good night sleep and the benefits of owning supportive pregnancy pillows are wonderful.

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