10 Tips For Babies Sleep Safe

10 Tips For Babies Sleep Safe

The occurrence of a newborn comes with great joy for the mother, who also turns out to be the first caretaker. At this time it is mostly confusing to know what rules apply for the safe and sound sleeping of your newborn. This article rounds up important baby sleep safe practices that will ensure the highest safety for your bundle of joy.

The issue of SIDS tends to throw every mother into lots of confusion. However, the best way of beating the SIDS and other sleep-related causes of baby’s death is knowing how to lower the risk of your child.

What Is SIDS And What Causes It?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) refers to the sudden death of a baby younger than 1-year old that is beyond the understanding of experts. That’s why when a child dies mysteriously even under the close watch of doctors, they always say the baby died from SIDS.

SIDS occurs;

– When babies are put to sleep on their stomachs

– If babies are unable to breathe properly due to something that wraps around baby’s neck or something covering baby’s mouth completely.

– When babies sleep on a soft surface like a chair, or a couch, or adult mattress.

– When baby’s sleep with toys or other objects

– If it gets too hot while the baby is sleep

– If the baby shares a bed with adults, other children, or pets, etc

The best way of protecting your baby for SIDS and other sleep-related cause of death is by taking the right action. Take the following steps to help your baby sleep safe.

1.Always Place Your Baby to Sleep on Their Back

Whether you’re putting your baby on a nap or night sleep, always have them sleep on their back, never their stomach. This turns out to be the best and safest position for all babies until they are one year old.


Although the past generations held onto the belief that when babies sleep on their backs might choke on their spit up, the child’s airway anatomy prevents that from occurring.

Also, babies who sleep on their backs are reported to have a good airflow as compared to those who sleep on stomachs.

2.Ensure Baby Sleeps On A Firm Surface.

As much as adults enjoy sleeping on spongy surfaces and pillows, this is not the case with babies. Always let your baby sleep on a firm flat surface, covered by a fitted sheet, with no other bedding or soft items in the area.

3.Make Sure Your Crib Meets Safety Standards

Whether you’re using a crib, bassinet or play yard, be sure that these meet the standards set by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

4.Share a Room with Your Baby

One of the best ways to reduce SIDS is by putting your baby’s sleep area in your room for at least up to 1 year. With the baby’s crib, bassinet or play yard near your bed, it is easy to feed, comfort and keep an eye on your baby when asleep.

5.Breastfeed Your Baby

Always breastfeed your baby to lower their risk for SIDS.
This means you will bring the baby to your sleep area for breastfeeding. However, be sure to put the baby back in her separate sleep area when finished. That’s is why you should keep the baby’s crib or bassinet close to your bed.

6.Remove Any Cords or Wires near The Crib

To have your baby sleep safe, ensure that no window cords or electrical wires that hang near baby’s crib since they could choke your little one.

Also, avoid loose beddings and other soft objects which can potentially cover your baby’s face. This can make it hard or block your baby’s breathing completely.

7.Keep Baby’s Room Cool

While many parents like keeping babies warm throughout the night, studies reveal that a hot room increases the chances of SIDS by a whopping 4.5%. A toasty warm room also doesn’t make the child

Keep Baby’s Room Cool

To keep your baby cool while he sleeps:

-Keep your baby’s head uncovered during sleep

-Put your baby in sleep clothing that’s fitting

-Never use blankets to keep your baby warm

8.Try Offering a Pacifier

While administering a pacifier to your baby is by no means a requirement, it is has been proven to be able to reduce the risk of SIDS.

It’s recommended that you wait till around three weeks, so you and baby have the hang of it, then introduce the pacifier. Although some children won’t like the idea of a pacifier, this should make you sweat.

9. Go Ahead and Swaddle Your Bundle of Joy

If you have a number of babies now, you will agree that not all babies enjoy being wrapped up burrito-style. But if your baby enjoys it, know that it’s indeed safe to put baby to sleep in a swaddle.

The swaddling mimics the snugness of the womb, which can potentially help the baby sleep safe and more sound. Just make sure your child isn’t swaddled so tightly that they can’t move their hips around or breathe easily.

10. Never Smoke Around Your Baby

Babies live around people who smoke are more likely to die from SIDS. The smoke and chemical therein can potentially choke the child to death. Let no one smoke around your sleeping baby, not even a single second.

SIDS sends chills to every parent out there. However, you can keep any unwanted eventualities at by following the baby sleep safe tips. You can award your baby with safe sleep and watch them as they unwrap to healthy and active kids, which is the joy of every parent.

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